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“Hookups And Heartbreaks”

Introducing Hookups And Heartbreaks, the highly anticipated debut mixtape by rising musician Chinmay Jain. This emotional and introspective release tells the story of a heartbreak, featuring songs that explore the various emotions experienced during a break up. With thoughtfully crafted lyrics and top-notch production, Chinmay bares his soul as he reflects on the pain of letting go of someone he once loved. Each track on the mixtape is connected and builds upon the previous, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. Hookups And Heartbreaks is a true labor of love, with Chinmay handling all aspects of production, composition, writing, singing, mixing, and mastering. Don’t miss out on this powerful and relatable mixtape, available now on all major music streaming services via Chinmay Jain’s official website.


“Love Again”

Experience the sultry and addictive new single Love Again by Chinmaymay, now available on all major music streaming platforms. This steamy and sensual song, released on March 5th, 2022 as the lead track on the artist’s highly anticipated mixtape, explores the allure of passionate love making, depicting the feeling as being as powerful and irresistible as drugs. Chinmaymay’s smooth and seductive vocals soar over an energetic and upbeat electro pop instrumental, heavily influenced by the retro synthwave and retrowave sounds of the 80s. Written, sung, and produced by Chinmaymay himself, Love Again delves deep into the unending desire to experience love over and over again. Don’t miss out on this electrifying new release from Chinmaymay


  Falling in love at the very last day may seem incomplete and fleeting, but as YOUNG ROCKSTAR by Chinmaymay shows, it can also be beautiful and eternal. This alternative pop punk song tells the tale of a love that may not have had the chance to fully blossom, but still left a lasting impact. Sung, produced, composed, mixed, and mastered by Chinmaymay, this track is a powerhouse of emotion and energy, with electric guitars, punchy drums, catchy choruses, and soulful verses all coming together to create a unique and captivating sound. Don’t miss out on this beautiful and one-of-a-kind song, available now on all major music streaming platforms via Chinmaymay’s official website.

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Chinmay Jain


Musician Chinmay Jain also known as Chinmaymay is a record producer, singer, vocalist and a songwriter. Chinmay Jain is a rising teen artist and has created many songs which can be found all across the internet. Playing piano for right around 10 years now and for the most part self trained, Chinmay loves to make music and loves to play various instruments. He began to create and deliver his own music by mid 2020 and has been making music consistently from that point forward. Chinmay also started to produce and release his own music by early 2020 and has been making music on a daily basis since then. As an artist he has released a synthpop mixtape “Hookups And Heartbreaks” which is a beautiful piece of art by him. He plans to deliver more music and make it big soon.

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